About Me

Hi guys,
I'm Rebecca and firstly thank you for visiting my page.
So, a little bit about me?

I'm 26 years old and currently live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I work for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust as Head of Investigations & Learning and I love my job (most of the time). It's so nice to have a job where you're able to help and influence so many people's lives. January will mark my sixth anniversary at YAS (well apart from a 10 month career break which I returned from in November 2015).

Last year I was lucky enough to spend 10 months in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji working and travelling. An unforgettable experience that's for sure and as cheesy as it sounds I learnt so much about myself as a person. I love to travel and see new places; and any opportunity I get to see some more of the world, I take with both hands.

I'd very much consider myself a half girly-girl and a half tomboy (a parent's dream hey?) as I very much love make-up, shopping, clothes, going to the salon and all the typical 'girl stuff'. But I'm also a massive fan of outdoor adventure, getting my hands dirty, watching far too much rugby and of course training, training, training.

For the last few years I’ve enjoyed keeping fit and working out. It started out with a few Zumba classes here and there, to experimenting with a few of the gym machines, giving weight training a go and now I’m full on caught up in the bodybuilding world. Who would have ever thought?

I created this blog last year upon my return from my travels as I documented my journey back to health & fitness after my priorities shifted while away exploring the world. In 2016 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition and I’ve continued blogging my way through the whole experience and now as I prepare for season two of competitions.
I hope that many of you can relate to my posts, seek motivation, learn a bit and just enjoy reading about something that I'm guessing from you being on this page that most of you already have an interest in.
It would be great to hear from some of you so don't be afraid to get in touch.

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